Welcome to Mani Hamon

“Mani Hamon” was established by Roya and Hamid a married couple in July 2019. The two of us have been running our business for the past 16 years in Iran. We returned back to UK in 2018, with the Idea of opening a new café / Bistro business offering top quality fresh products.

Finding a place that would suit our products was a rollercoaster finally we found the place that had a lot of potential, but needed a total refurbishment so we took the place over and we did what was necessary to have it the way we thought would be pleasant and comfortable for our customers.

We choose the name “Mani Hamon” to show our gratitude to “Mani Yazdanparast” an Iranian celebrity master chef and “Emmanual Hamon” a French celebrity master pastry /cake chef whom with their hard work thought us all the latest they knew during 2016-2018.

We aim to bring a high standard of sandwiches, hot foods, cakes, pastries and desserts, made and baked with top fresh quality on the daily bases.

We would appreciate and welcome, any feedbacks from our dear customers to further improve our services.